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Meet The Team

We are committed to designing environments where senior living residents thrive. From Principal to Designer, our team is built on passion, integrity and diversity. As a collective group of thought leaders, creative thinkers, and problem solvers, we take pride in working towards one common vision – to transform the senior living experience.

Our Studio Leaders

Our Executive Leaders

Our Design Team

Trent Gerber, RA, NCARB Architect and BIM Manager
Trent Gerber
Trent Gerber - Design Team
Wayne Egolf, RA Senior Architect
Wayne Egolf
Wayne Egolf - Design Team
Jennifer Fronheiser Designer
Jennifer Fronheiser
Jennifer Fronheiser - Design Team
Barbara Banasikowska Senior Architectural Designer
Barbara Banasikowska
Barbara Banasikowska - Design Team
John Carey, Jr. Senior Architectural Designer
John Carey, Jr.
John Carey, Jr. - Design Team
José E. Martinez Architectural Designer
José E. Martinez
José E. Martinez - Design Team
Inhong An Architectural Designer
Inhong An
Inhong An - Design Team
Lob Vargas Architectural Designer
Lob Vargas
Lob Vargas - Design Team
Avery Bordley Architectural Designer
Avery Bordley
Avery Bordley - Design Team
Harshika Bhatt, LEED AP Architectural Designer
Harshika Bhatt
Harshika Bhatt - Design Team
Mark Fedele Architectural Designer
Mark Fedele
Mark Fedele - Design Team
Cassondra Farmer Architectural Designer
Cassondra Farmer
Cassondra Farmer - Design Team
Kelly Ibach Senior Designer
Kelly Ibach
Kelly Ibach - Design Team
Marisa Depiero Designer
Marisa Depiero
Marisa Depiero - Design Team
Julie Galler Designer
Julie Galler
Julie Galler - Design Team
Todd Crawford, NCARB Architectural Designer
Todd Crawford
Todd Crawford - Design Team
Victoria Verrekia Designer
Victoria Verrekia
Victoria Verrekia - Design Team
Sara Chafi Architectural Designer
Sara Chafi
Sara Chafi - Design Team
Krista Soh Architectural Designer
Krista Soh
Krista Soh - Design Team
Andre Galvão Architectural Designer
Andre Galvão
Andre Galvão - Design Team
Caylin Munn Designer
Caylin Munn
Caylin Munn - Design Team