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Transforming the Senior Living Experience

June 25, 2020 Article Video

Transforming the senior living experience is our vision for the future. As a powerhouse team of specialists, we provide all of the comprehensive design services for senior living owners and operators.

Meyer has been at the forefront of the evolution of senior living communities for more than 20 years, including the changes in resident demographics, unit mixes, construction methods, amenities, sustainability and wellness. Through our experience working with some of the top senior living developers, operators and owners throughout the country, along with our continuous drive for change and innovation, we understand the growing needs of residents, families and staff. A warm and inviting design, often allows residents to maintain a higher quality of life, encourages engagement and builds a vibrant community lifestyle. Whether assigned to a single building or a large CCRC campus, our team influences the design of a project from conception through construction. As thought leaders and stewards of the sector, we’re ready to transform the senior living experience with you and make your community thrive.

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